Bruce Hawksworth – Vice President

My first introduction to Koolies was 35 years ago at Norms Coolies in SA where I thought that they were not an actual breed, just Norms special dogs.

Several years later at the Royal Melbourne show in the baby animal exhibit I met some Koolie puppies. Discussions with the owner brought me to the conclusion that Koolies were a little more widespread than I thought.

After some searching of the Weekly Times newspaper, my wife and I were adopted by our first Koolie Puppy and our long association with Koolies had begun. A second one arrived a short time later. We have owned 4 Koolies now and always in pairs, though we did have three for a short time.

We have never had an urge to breed and have only kept Koolies as companions, where attending Sheep Herding days, Agility Training and Nose Works has kept us busy and active with our Koolies.

We try to take them everywhere we go, enjoying every minute and I’m not sure we would be able to live without one, no two koolies. Our current two are Kodie and Bronson.