Cherie Ruben – Treasurer

I grew up in Blackburn North Victoria.   I was always surrounded by dogs of different breeds and different shapes and sizes. Dad gave up trying to reason with me as a young child. We would be out walking in the park with our dogs.  I always had this urge to run up to any dogs no matter what size or shape.  Dad soon taught me that not all dogs were going to appreciate a small child running up to them in the park.

First there was Paddy P Paws who my brother named. He was a Border Collie X Cocker Spaniel, a wonderful dog and lived to the ripe old age of 15. Then came Terry the Australian terrier who was a rescue. He had lots of issues but as a family we managed to help him resolve his issues.  Terry also enjoyed a long life to the age of 15. Next came the 2 Jack Russells Toby One and Toby Too these dogs were named by mum. These 2 dogs were both ball obsessed to the point that mum would have to hide the ball on top of the fridge behind some books. They then developed this obsessive behaviour of catching anything that moved of the insect kind, thanks to my brother. He would hold them up to the ceiling to catch the insects. They both also lived to a grand old age of 14.

Danny & I met at Coles Myer this is where my addiction of Koolies began.  Danny’s boss’s parents had a property outside Ballarat.  We went to visit his parents and I have very clear memories of my first wonderful introduction to their Koolie called Koolie.   I now was on a mission to have at least one of these wonderful dogs called Koolies. We looked through the Trading Post and found Otto, who had come off a farm at Maffra.  I loved Otto but he needed a girlfriend, so we went back a short time later and got Heidi. The fun had begun, double trouble. It was certainly a great learning curve, they also lived a long and very enjoyable life to the age of 15.  I have some lovely memories of them both as puppies and into their adult life. A couple of years ago we were talking to an old fellow just outside of Bunyip who bred Koolies in the Maffra area. He was the breeder of Otto and Heidi.

Then came Molly, a Koolie, who was Otto’s second girlfriend for around 9 months.  Molly was a rescue and came into our lives at just the right time and gave Otto back the twinkle in his eyes. Molly was very sweet, loving and extremely loyal she made it to 16 1/2 years old and her coat was blue Merle.  Molly did some Obedience, Herding, Dock Diving and Noseworks. Molly greeted everyone on stands at local Expos and The Royal Melbourne Show that the Koolie Club of Australia have attended over the years.

Eva is our fourth Koolie. She is 14 years old with a White and Red Merle coat.  She is a very loving, loyal and robust. We call her the bullet or the enforcer, which is great because when you need to have a younger dog disciplined Eva goes into action.  We were so lucky to get Eva as a puppy and she has become Molly’s best friend.  Eva has over the years done some herding, but due to her diminishing sight, we have decided that she needed to try another activity.  Eva has completed the introduction to Noseworks course and graduated much to our delight.

Zinger is our fifth Koolie. She is 10 1/2 years old with a tri-colour coat. She is our little pocket rocket but is also very loving, loyal and playful. At times she makes our house into a racetrack, skidding up the hall and through our lounge room.  Zinger loves herding and has done some Yard Dog trials.

Shelby is our sixth Koolie. She is 5 1/2 years old and is also a Blue Merle. She feels that it is her purpose to torment Zinger. She has been introduced to sheep and is a real water dog.

I am also one of the original members of the Koolie Club of Australia that was formed in April 2000.  I was the inaugural Secretary of the club before becoming Treasurer.