Danny Ruben – President

I first came across Koolies 30 years ago when we met my boss’s Koolie named Koolie. 
Later when the opportunity arose Cherie and 1 purchased two Koolie puppies, Otto and Heidi who are featured in some photos on the website. Currently they have 4 Koolies; Molly who is a 16 year old adoption, Eva who is 13 1/2 years old, Zinger who is 10 1/2 years old and Shelby who is 5. Molly is now a retiree but she is still the pack leader. Eva loves rounding up the younger 2 when they are focused on activities. Zinger and Shelby love herding sheep and playing with the frisbee. Shelby has taken over from Molly in dock diving.
Work sees me supporting a number of accounting packages for a local company. 

I am one of inaugural committee members originally being the club’s first treasurer and public officer.

Our Koolies and us travel all over the east coast of Australia going to sheep and cattle herding events in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.