Kylie Willson – Secretary

Over 13 years ago I moved onto our family beef cattle property to live full time. I decided on a change of scenery having grown up in Sugar cane country I got a job and moved up the hill to the Atherton Tablelands (Far North Queensland).

Having grown up with Cattle dogs I have always been partial to working breed dogs.

After losing our old red cattle dog I decided I would like to get my own dog. A dog I could use to move cattle when I needed (as I was living alone on the family property most of the time). One of the ladies I worked with owned and bred Australian Koolies. Never having heard of them before I was keen to meet her dogs and see if they would fit what I was looking for.

I can remember the day I drove into Jackie’s property and saw all these dogs with so many unusual colours! A paddock full of dogs with all of them so friendly and affectionate. It was on this day I met my heart dog, Ekko, a beautiful Australian Koolie.

I had never come across a dog like him. He was so loyal, affectionate and totally devoted to me (what more could a girl ask for!) We grew and learnt together the tricks of working stock and he showed me what it was like to have a 4 legged best friend. From there my love for the breed has grown. I have been very lucky to have a couple of wonderful mentors that have shown me the ropes; learning the history, bloodlines, styles, work ability and working stock efficiently and effectively. I am very lucky to have met some of my closest friends because of this breed.

As the years have passed my love for the breed has grown. I have been lucky enough to have a collection of Koolies (if you haven’t already you will soon learn that Koolies are addictive and you can’t stop at one!).

I am also a Koolie breeder and love that I can be apart of our breed moving into the future and educating people worldwide on the versatility of our wonderful Australian breed. Koolies are pretty special in the sense you can take them out to work a mob of cattle and then come home and curl up for a cuppa on the couch with them!

Over the years my Koolie collection grew and I grew older. I met my now husband (after Ekko gave him his tick approval!) and we now have two beautiful children. I think my kids are extremely lucky to grow up with such amazing dogs and spend time with our puppies as they grow.

I have been on the KCA committee for some years now and took the reins of Secretary a few years back. I love being a spokesperson for the Koolies. I am very passionate about continuing to ensure our breed is one of the healthiest working breeds in the world (through our DNA health testing), promoting our breed around the world and educating people about the origins and abilities of our Koolies.

If you would like to see more of my dogs feel free to join my group Imrie Creek Koolies ☺️

I am always more than happy to answer any questions people have about our breed! 🐾

Kylie Willson