Litter Notification – KT Koolies – SA

Sire K.T Kelms Spud Dam K.T Lowrocksa Clover Number of Puppies: 6 Males: 1 Blue Merle Tri, 1 Fawn Tri Female: 1 Red Merle, 1 Black & White, 1 Red & Tan, 1 Black Tri Born: 07/02/2022

Enquiries are welcome, highly likely that none will be available, please send an email to above email or even if you would like to register for a future litter or incase an availability opens up

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Hello, I am recently retired serviceman and in the market for a Koolie dog to be an assistance dog helping me with my PTSD. Could you please keep me in mind when you have your next litter of pups. In addition would you be so kind as to give me some idea of the cost of purchasing one of your puppies.

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